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Guillotine Games presents

A zombie havoc cooperative boardgame

Play solo or together against the game!

Zombies play on their own, with simple rules.

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A "sandbox" game with lots of quality contents to play with.

Choose your mission or create your own, possibilities are limitless.

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The more zombies you kill, the more they come!

Team up, gear up, level up, take’em down!

Zombicide – A zombie havoc boardgame by Guillotine Games

Zombicide is a cooperative boardgame with miniatures for 1 to 6 players, age 14 and up. Choose your revengeful survivor of a zombie apocalypse! Find weapons, shoot zombies, gain experience and customize your heroes: the more zombies you kill, the more they come. Complete the mission objectives to win the game!

Choose your era!

Zombicide modern setting

Classic Zombicide

Zombicide fantasy setting

Zombicide: Black Plague

Latest updates

Guillotine Games

Zombicide 101

Medium 4+ survivors 90 minutes
Material needed: Season 1.
The zombie infection always finds a way. This time, our foes are getting predator instincts and lay ambushes to anyone cruising nearby. We have to find their nest and kill them all before they grow into a full zombie species!

Mapeditor Green Horde

Material needed:
The Mapeditor pack for Green Horde is now available. Use this free software to create your custom Zombicide quests!
Guillotine Games

Drive By Bombing

Very Hard 6+ survivors 45 minutes
Material needed: Season 1.
The quickest way to secure a zombie-filled area may be using makeshift explosives. However, no plan go exactly as planned... Zombies are coming too soon, too fast. You'll have to be quick before getting overwhelmed!

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