Dead West rule leaflet

Undead or Alive’s Kickstarter came with many promo miniatures, gathered in the exclusive Dead West box. The rule leaflet is now available to download!

Western Zombicide Promo Zombies

Go West, life is peaceful there (or not). The western zombie gallery opens to countless horrors!

Western Zombicide Promo Survivors

The law of the strongest is dead, long live teamwork! 51 survivors has joined the western gallery!

Running Wild

The Wild West wouldn’t exist without horses. A whole section is now open for Running Wild, an expansion for Undead or Alive! (showcase, ID Cards, and galleries)

Gears and Guns

Full steam! Gears & Guns, the steampunk expansion for Undead or Alive, comes with its page, rulebook, Survivor and Zombie galleries, and its Mapeditor pack.

Undead or Alive

Bang bang! My zombie shot me down! Here comes Undead or Alive, Zombicide in the Wild West: a section on its own, with a full description, the rulebook (English only), Survivor and Zombie galleries, and the Mapeditor pack.

Modern Zombicide Zombies gallery

Next-gen zombies invade your city! Zombie galleries for the 2nd Edition and Fort Hendrix are available.

Modern Zombicide Survivors gallery

The Second Edition’s Survivor gallery opens with the 12 core heroes!

Mapeditor Zombicide 2nd Edition

Mapeditor packs for Zombicide: 2nd Edition, Washington, Z.C. and Fort Hendrix are now available. Create your own post-apocalyptic town!