Zombie gallery: The Black Plague itself!

"The zombie hordes shuffling around Zombicide: Black Plague’s alleys were raised by powerful Necromancers..."

Zombie gallery: know your enemy!

Meet Zombicide’s antagonists. Moar zombies please!

MapEditor contest: win Willow miniatures

Submit your best Mapeditor missions to Guillotine Games and win Willow's exclusive miniatures!

Zombicide Companion App 2.0 release note

Major update for the Zombicide App! Season 2, new game modes, survivors, and more!

Announcing Zombicide Companion App 2.0!

The Zombicide Companion App will be available in May 2014. Follow the link to discover it!

Do you know the Hellfest?

Some of you may have noticed the logo on Grindlock’s T-shirt or the flyers, banners and signs littering the tiles of Prison Outbreak and Toxic City Mall. It's the logo of an awesome music festival we have here in France called HELLFEST.