Zombicide‘s latest news and designer’s secrets

Latest news from the Zombicide universe. Here you learn about Zombicide’s creation and design. Master the metagame!

Goth Amy

Need a true survivor? Amy’s your best choice. She’s wonderful to introduce Zombicide to your girlfriend!

Nick, the bad cop

Would you like to meet Nick, the third promo Survivor of Zombicide? He’s a real tough guy who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

El Cholo

Preview! Meet El Cholo, the second promo Survivor of Zombicide. El Cholo is a machete pro. No negotiation needed.

Dave, the geek

Preview! Meet Dave, the first promo Survivor of Zombicide. Taste flambéed zombies, unlimited Molotov cocktails!

How do Survivors emerge?

How where Survivors designed? Designers tell it all!

A Survivor’s tale

A survivor's guide in a Zombie infested town : Survivors' gameplay in Zombicide !

Dead anthem

Zombies'r us. Working deads in Zombicide !

Survival through extreme prejudice

Designers unveil the secrets of Zombie hunting.

Danger Level

Where we discover the Danger Level gameplay, THE Zombie killer trick !