Prison Outbreak overview

Enter the prison! Discover Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak and its unique features.

Competitive mode

A first preview of Season 3: the competitive mode puts all team as being rivals. Will you forget or fulfill your grudge while facing zombies?

Zombie cards’ secrets

Unveil the Zombie pile's secrets to tune your Zombicide games' challenge!

Zombicide App

Read about the designer’s note of the Twisted Key studio for Zombicide’s app.

Claudia, Eagle Chaz, Ivy & Troy

Here are the stories and Skills of four of the promo Survivors featured in Zombicide’s Kickstarter!

Wanda the waitress

Here’s Wanda, the fastest Survivor of the world.

Doug, the Salaryman

Here’s Doug, the most dangerous salaryman of the world!

Phil, the cop

Here’s Phil, the antizombie cop for whom to protect and to serve is still actual, even in the middle of a zombie invasion!

Josh the thug

Here’s Josh, Zombicide’s prowler, galaxy’s coolest zombie killer!