Actual Cannibal

“Wait! He isn’t dead! Cannibal surprise!”

All zombies are cannibals, when you think about it, but this abomination is an actual cannibal. Even before turning into a zombie, this Hollywood superstar (although he claimed not to be famous) became infamous for killing for sport and eating all the bodies. All that’s changed is now he’s much harder to kill. Some survivors claim they saw this maniac sprinting toward them on all fours, blood all over his face, and after a legendary fight managed to stab him in his kidney or chop him down with an axe. And yet, he always seems to surprise them and come back. No one is safe.

  • Roll 3 dice whenever the Actual Cannibal is eliminated. If any of these die rolls a “1”, place the Actual Cannibal on the Starting Spawn Zone. The Survivor having eliminated it still earns the AP.

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