Lord Brix Moonshine

“Ares and I bring you tidings from the elven kingdom! … Ares? My friend. The giant spider standing right there. Why can’t you humans ever see him??”

Lord Brix has long served as a liaison between the western kingdoms and the elven courts. When the green horde began their wars in earnest, Lord Brix returned to his homeland to urge strong support for their human allies. An ambush by plague-bearing orcs left Lord Brix as the only survivor, and suffering a severe concussion. While his faculties all seem intact, he now constantly speaks to and references a giant spider companion names “Ares”. While invisibility magic is not unknown, it would seem that Ares is but a figment of Lord Brix’ imagination. Perhaps that’s a good thing, as the last thing anyone needs on top of the black plague is an infestation of giant, invisible spiders!

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