Donna Carlotta

“Hammering heads is a lot like hammering an anvil. Just squishier.”

Donna Carlotta was her father’s child in every respect, both in temper, talent, and brawn. Practically raised in the smithy as the daughter of a single parent, Donna Carlotta learned every aspect of forge work, and mastered most of its arts by her early teens. Alas, her father took sick one brutal winter, and never fully recovered. When he died, the smithy was deep in debt, and the creditors were unsympathetic. Desperate for funds, Donna Carlotta took a chance and entered an ‘exhibition day’ event at the pits, featuring tests of strength and weaponplay. She won every event by a far margin, even against the men. Now, with a taste for crowds and coin, Donna Carlotta has become a crowd favorite, and her winnings easily maintain the old business, just as her father would’ve wanted.

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