Kabir, the Pulp Writer

“The pen may be mightier than the sword, but with zombies it’s better to use a sword.”

For as long as he could remember Kabir wanted to be a writer. That dream came true with his creation of Torg the Brutish, the star of a series of pulp fantasy novels which made Kabir literally hundreds of dollars and garnered him some very strange fan mail. After two-dozen books chronicling Torg’s adventures, Kabir decided it was time for the brute to “retire.” He was writing Torg’s death scene when the zombie outbreak hit, thus sparing him the inevitable death threats from distraught fans. Besides his skills as a wordsmith, Kabir is also an expert swordsman. A stickler for research, the mild-mannered writer took lessons in swordplay, a skill that makes him a boon to any group of survivors.

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