“Knowledge is a strength. Do orcs hide their strength? No. So, let me show you how knowledge works.”

Heir to a family of thieves, Megan showed an uncanny mind at the earliest age, coupled with an unquenchable thirst for learning. She chose to become a magician and, with the support of her family’s guild, had access to all kinds of books. As the time went by, the girl chose an adventurer’s life and became a unique kind of mercenary. After some time, Megan sought knowledge and power for herself: she was looking for an ancient burial mound deep in orc territory when the zombies came.

Wise beyond her age, Megan knows she could be tempted to delve into dark magic. This is not the fate she wants, however, so she is seeking survivors to help her wipe the necromancer threat. Megan is brilliant and fear no one… but her own temptation.


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