“You hurt? Sorry. You hurt me first.”

Pipino is what one might call a ‘gentle giant’. In fact, he may well have some giant or ogre blood in his lineage, such is his size, strength, and limited mental faculties. Sold to the pits, and expected to be little more than a kill spectacle, the hulking man defeated twelve warriors on his first day. His style is rather unorthodox in that Pipino rarely perceives anything to be a threat until it hurts him. Once wounded, he typically only fights until the thing that hurt him can’t hurt anything anymore. If his opponent still lives, his concern for their well-being is in stark contrast to his savage brutality. More than one wounded opponent crying for succor has found it beneath Pipino’s heel or at the edge of his blade, owing their fate to Pipino’s literal-minded view of the world. His brain perceives death as the best way to end suffering, rarely considering that death is a tragically permanent solution.

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