“Orcs were my enemies, but honorable enemies. Necromancers deserve a shameful death.”

Too impulsive to be a good farmer, and too unruly to become a good soldier, Rolf chose the path of the orc hunters. Along with other hot-headed young men, he watched over the border with the orcish lands to prevent any raid, and punish trespassers. Without surprise, the orc hunters’ lifespan was expected to be quite short. Rolf, however, was skilled and lucky enough to survive a few battles and learn about his foes. In more than one way, he felt akin to the bloodthirsty and savage orcs, more than he did to the cowardly and treacherous humans.

Rolf witnessed first-hand the orc invasion, then the infection at necromancers’ hands. Driven by hate, he survived both and was soon the only orc hunter alive in the region. Rolf now counts among the greatest warriors around, and his knowledge of orcish territories is invaluable. The young man, on the other hand, is blinded by bloodlust and proves restless in his murderous quest.

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