Sköll the Protector

“You no hurt mother!”
“Yeah, you no hurt!”

On her way to the Great Forge, Undraal was attacked by a party of Trolls, dark creatures born out of Anastyr’s foul magic. Thanks to her prowess and the courage of her bodyguards, the Trolls were defeated. One of them carried two young born on its back: only Undraal’s soothing words could stop their deafening cries and tears. It’s been ten years now, they are now large as a bull and stronger than any human will ever be. They consider Undraal like their mother and have a profound love for her and will gladly give their life to protect their beloved Undraal. She named one of the Trolls Sköll, but as they were identical, no one in the tribe could tell them apart. Now they both respond to the name when called.

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