Spencer, the Germophobe

“We need to clean.”

Spencer hates germs – a lot. An acute mysophobic, he was pretty much a hermit, avoiding all human contact. Spencer even went so far as to shave himself smooth, in an attempt to eliminate any microscopic mites that could be living in his hair. He kept his beard though, because it caught the crumbs from his food before they could land on his clothes. Spencer even bought a hazmat suit and proceeded to scrub, bleach, and fumigate his house after finding fungus in the shower grout. Kept safe by his isolation during the initial outbreak, Spencer was forced to venture out when his supplies were exhausted. Facing his worst nightmare of leaving his sterile cocoon, he soon discovered he wasn’t scared. No… no… he was ANGRY! Angry at the hordes of disgusting, rotten, disease riddled masses! Now he’s going to sterilize the world, one zombie at a time…

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