• Zombicide: Gears and Guns

    Full Steam Ahead!

Zombicide: Gears and Guns

Expansion – Zombicide: Undead Or Alive

We live in the world of tomorrow. This is the Age of Steam! Steam carries us to these promising lands, protects us against all perils, and heralds a new dawn for civilization. And yet… Rumors talk about frontier towns being erased from the map, of people going mad and hurling themselves into murderous rages. Is it some kind of exotic illness? Who knows, and honestly, who cares? You cannot stop progress. Full steam ahead, in the name of science!

Gears & Guns features an alternate setting for Zombicide: Undead or Alive, in a world powered by steam! The new survivors and the equipment they have feature new Full Steam rules, unleashing tremendous power against zombies at the risk of getting depleted. Discover the new Engineer Survivor Class, and get your hands on cutting-edge Inventions, giving your Survivors the advantage against the undead!

The box also contains new tiles with dangerous Steam Machines, and new campaign rules to earn new Skills and keep your precious equipment from a game to the next. Explore the retro-futuristic city of Bolton’s Reach along the 10-Mission campaign, and be careful of this new era’s Abomination: the Steam Monster!

A Zombicide: Undead or Alive core box is needed to enjoy this expansion.

1-6 14+ 1h

The power of steam is no longer limited to trains and has conquered the rest of the Wild West! Gears & Guns uses advanced rules and equipment cards representing the steam revolution. Zombicide being a modular board game, they may be used in classic Undead Or Alive games as well.

Advanced Equipment and Advanced Bounty Weapons replace their classic counterparts from Undead Or Alive, using Steam rules.

A player may declare going Full Steam before any Combat Action made with a Steam weapon. Additional dice, called Steam dice, are added, offering better characteristics and spectacular game effects!

There is a risk, though: if any Depleted (an empty steam gauge) is rolled on Steam dice, the weapon is depleted and cannot be used until being Refilled. Refilling depleted Steam equipment is done by using a Steam Bottle Equipment card, activating a Nozzle on the board, or using the brand new Engineer Class Ability (see below).

These new Equipment cards also come with Keep rules, allowing Survivors to keep their weapons from a game to the next. Beware, though: the more potent a weapon is, the harder it is to keep!

Inventions cards come in a deck of their own. They are special Equipment cards, granting wonderful abilities and Skills to their wielder. They can only be found in Steam-themed Zones on the board, and do not take space in the Inventory!

Gears & Guns comes with 10 new Survivors. All of them possess Steam Skills on top of classic Skills, and can be used in regular Undead Or Alive games.

4 of these Survivors belong to the new Engineer Class: they roll 1 additional die when going Full Steam, and can use the Emergency Refill ability to deplete a Steam weapon to refill another. No power should be wasted!

Gears & Guns contains 6 double-sided game tiles representing a steam-powered town, full with steam machinery, power switches and steam nozzles.

They can be used to create a steampunk town, or with Undead Or Alive tiles to create themed or bigger boards.

Gears & Guns’ tiles are used in conjunction with themed tokens:

  • Switch tokens are used to power or shut down Steam Machines found on each tile.
  • These Steam Machines feed the steam Nozzles scattered across the board. The Nozzles can refill depleted Steam equipment, but can also be broken, spewing Steam Jets all across the place and blocking lines of sight. Survivors cannot shoot zombies they cannot see!

And what on Earth could break brass nozzles meant to contain the power of steam?

The Steam Monster!

This Abomination is Gears & Guns’ main antagonist. Aside from its abominable might, it breaks all Nozzles in its way, possibly making Survivors powerless as they cannot refill their Steam equipment.

The Steam Gauge replaces the First Player token. The marker moves 2 increments during each End Phase, building Steam all across the board. Should it reach 14, steam jets will wound Survivors. Should it reach 20, the game is lost!

Most missions in Gears & Guns feature means to release the pressure and get some time, but Survivors have to find them, and often fight for them.

Gears & Guns’ Missions replace Objective tokens with Objective cards. Objective cards are revealed and read out loud upon being taken, driving your gaming group through tough choices having an influence on the ongoing Mission.

Using the Keep rules for Equipment, the Objective cards for the narration, and the Campaign sheet to track the progression of your Survivors, players can go through Dangerous Wonders, the included 10-Mission campaign!

Game contents

  • 11 Miniatures (10 Survivors, 1 Steam Monster Abomination)
  • 166 Cards (87 Equipment cards, 78 Objective cards, 1 Abomination card)
  • 6 Double-sided game tiles
  • 10 Survivor ID Cards
  • 1 Campaign Sheet notepad
  • 6 Steam dice
  • 14 tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

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