• Night of the Living Dead
    A Zombicide Game

    Will you survive the night?

Night of the Living Dead
A Zombicide Game

Standalone game

This is the latest disclosure in a report from National Civil Defense headquarters in Washington. It has been established that persons who have recently died have been returning to life and committing acts of murder: a widespread investigation of reports from funeral homes, morgues, and hospitals has concluded that the unburied dead are coming back to life and seeking human victims.
The survival command center at the Pentagon has disclosed that a ghoul can be killed by a shot in the head or a heavy blow to the skull. Kill the brain and you kill the ghoul!

What if you were the heroes of Night Of The Living Dead, the famous zombie movie by George A. Romero? Take on the leading roles as survivors, fighting against ghouls controlled by the game itself, using simple and intuitive rules. Swap your survivor’s identity between Romero mode, recreating the movie’s atmosphere, and Zombicide mode, going all-out against your living dead foes! Find weapons, eliminate ghouls, and upgrade your survivor’s skills along the way. But be careful, as the more ghouls you kill, the more of them show up.

Experience the Night Of The Living Dead world in over 10 unique scenes. 5 of them recreates the movie as a board game, putting you as the heroes of the frightful night. The other 5 scenes form an extended storyline with plot twists, “what if” cases sprouting from the core movie. The fate of the survivors now lie in your hands!

Night Of The Living Dead is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players, age 14 and up.

1-6 14+ 1h

Night Of The Living Dead is a cooperative game in which 1 to 6 players take part as the movie’s Survivors against Ghouls controlled by the game itself. What if you had been there? Would you have survived the night and emerged as heroes? Players choose a scenario, called a Scene, and complete its objective, killing as many Ghouls as possible along the way. The monsters come in greater numbers as the night goes by, and they use nasty tactics. Don’t rely too much on your defenses, as barricades may fall at any time!

Survivors use whatever weapons they can get to kill Ghouls and slow down the invasion. The better the weapon, the higher the body count, but more Ghouls will appear, attracted by the slaughter!

Your best weapon, however, is cooperation. All players win or lose together, and only through teamwork will the Survivors become the best they can be, unlocking powerful Skills and access to the best weapons. Cooperation is the key to survival and victory!

What If?

Night Of The Living Dead is a classic horror movie about the fear and paranoia of the late 60’s. Above all else, it is the first movie to feature zombies as the genre we know and love! Everyday people reveal their true faces and motives, becoming monsters themselves as they get surrounded by flesh-eating ghouls.

As a game, Night Of The Living Dead allows you to play as your favorite survivors from the movie. Many features and scenes reenact the movie’s atmosphere and situations. You may replay them in any way you want, delving into a sense of dread, or playing in a more action-packed manner. What if the survivors had cooperated and trusted each other from the start? What if they looked to survive on their own, instead of listening to the TV and radio? The script is now yours to write.

Each Survivor in Night Of The Living Dead receives their own dashboard to keep them organized. A built-in sliding arrow tracks experience gains, and plastic pegs mark wounds and indicate new Skills.

Finally, multiple slots hold all your cards, making the inventory system intuitive and structured.

Each Survivor comes with their own ID Card, describing the Skills they acquire during the game, as they fight ghouls and reach objectives. Each ID Cards is double-sided to describe two game modes. They are flipped back and forth as the game goes by, as trust builds among Survivors, or when Ghoul Relatives (see below) show up.

  • The Romero Mode (black and white side) shows the movie version of the Survivor. You play a normal citizen facing horrible events and being chased by flesh-eating Ghouls. Who can you trust?
  • The Zombicide Mode (colored side) shows an alternate, more powerful Survivor. You play a team-oriented hero bound to seek out and destroy as many Ghouls as possible, because it’s fun!

The dashboard also stores the Equipment cards the survivors finds along the game: each Equipment card is set in the dedicated slot to be used. Weapons are equipped in both Hand slots. Equipment you don’t use is stored in the Backpack slots. Equipment comes in three categories, each with its own deck to draw from:

  • House: This is the common Equipment you may find almost everywhere. They are not strong, but are used all along the game.
  • Ranged. Here you will find ranged weapon to shoot ghouls with. Be careful with friendly fire!
  • Melee. Draw from this deck if you want to get up close and personal with Ghouls.

Drawing from the Ranged and the Melee Equipment cards is often bound to specific conditions or locations. Your team may have to overcome challenges before reaching the best weapons.

Some Equipment cards may be combined to create Special Equipment cards. Mixing Flamable Fluid and a Table Leg produces a Molotov, for example! Use these powerful weapons to blast a maximum amount of ghouls and win the game!

Night Of The Living Dead uses 6 modular tiles to recreates the movie’s setting, or create your own scenes. You can be the director, and the possibilities are nearly endless! Check the tiles for barricades, corn fields and woods: by blocking access and lines of sight, these environment features help survivors to escape and lay ambushes to ghouls. Be careful, though: no matter the way you barricade your house, ghouls will always get through, sooner or later.

The game also comes with Ben’s famous pick-up, a car token your survivors can drive to escape ghouls… or crush them! Spoiler ahead: can you make a better use of it than the movie’s heroes?

Night Of The Living Dead features a never-ending horde of ghouls, coming in 4 types. Most of them are simple Walkers, easy enough to eliminate but coming in ever increasing numbers. The stronger ones are called Fatties, and need more powerful weapons to be dealt with. And then come the Breakers: they may look like mere Walkers at first sight, yet they wield bricks and club to destroy the barricades your survivors may set. No one is safe!

The most terrible ghouls are Relatives, dear friends and family members turned into ghouls. While they may be easy to dispatch, their mere presence fill the survivors with dread, switching them all to Romero Mode (see above).

Night Of The Living Dead comes with 66 incredibly detailed miniatures.

Survivors have detachable colored plastic bases to help identify them, matching the color of the pegs on your Survivor dashboard.

Game contents

  • 66 miniatures
    • 6 Romero Mode Survivors
    • 6 Zombicide Mode Survivors
    • 54 Ghouls
  • 111 mini-cards
    • 65 Equipment Cards
    • 46 Ghoul Cards
  • 6 Game Tiles (double-sided)
  • 6 Survivor Dashboards
  • 6 Survivor ID Cards (double-sided)
  • 12 Survivor Colored Bases
  • 6 Dice
  • 48 Trackers
  • 25 tokens

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