“What to wear, what to wear? My sword, or my axe?”

The son of a very wealthy family, Grom hails from the tropical south, a region of volcanic island chains, dense jungles, and fearsome predators. Life was easy, until he found himself a castaway after a mighty storm wrecked the family yacht. With his (soon to be) friend Thalia, the maid’ s daughter, as the only survivors, they managed to eke out an existence for nearly five years before rescue. Now, dissatisfied with ‘ the good life’, Grom and Thalia have set out to see the world. The pair are known for their acerbic barbs and mutual antagonism.  Strangers might think them a couple, but could not be more wrong about these companions. Wherever they go, trouble follows. It seemed natural that they bring some of that trouble to the Necromancers and their zombie horde.

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