Zombicide Compendium #2

All through three seasons and numerous expansions, Zombicide tells the story of surviving heroes having fun together and cleaning a zombie-ridden world one bullet at a time. Compendium #2 is a testimony to the game’s success and the community’s vitality. It features 64 official missions published on various media and gathered in a single place. Among them are five campaigns and additional expansion rules!

Come and join the Zombicide!

Compendium #2 is an add-on for Zombicide, the cooperative zombie havoc board game. It contains 65 missions to play with your favorite survivor team, including:

  • The Arson and Three Little Wishes campaigns
  • The popular Gaming Night Kits #1, 2, and 3
  • 34 missions created by Zombicide’s mission contest
  • 11 additional missions created by Guillotine Games

This book also features the rules of the following expansions, gathered in one place:

  • Dog Companions
  • Lost Zombivors
  • Murder Of Crowz
  • Ultimate Survivors #1
  • V.I.P. Zombies
  • Zombie Dogz

Playing the missions found in this Compendium requires a Zombicide core box and may require various expansions.