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Guillotine Games presents

A zombie havoc cooperative boardgame

Play solo or together against the game!

Zombies play on their own, with simple rules.

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A "sandbox" game with lots of quality contents to play with.

Choose your mission or create your own, possibilities are limitless.

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The more zombies you kill, the more they come!

Team up, gear up, level up, take’em down!

Zombicide – A zombie havoc boardgame by Guillotine Games

Zombicide is a cooperative boardgame with miniatures for 1 to 6 players, age 14 and up. Choose your revengeful survivor of a zombie apocalypse! Find weapons, shoot zombies, gain experience and customize your heroes: the more zombies you kill, the more they come. Complete the mission objectives to win the game!

Choose your setting!

Western Zombicide

Zombicide: 2nd Edition

Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead

SciFi Zombicide

Zombicide fantasy setting

Fantasy Zombicide

Zombicide modern setting

Classic Zombicide

Latest updates

H.Garrigos – R.Sonnesso – T.Von Glehn

When the Saint go marchin in

Medium 6+ survivors 60 minutes
Material needed: 2nd Edition.
It's Carnaval and not even the zombie apocalypse will stop our parade! Survivors will put on their best costumes, find musical instruments, and protect King Momo. Don't let the samba die!
R.Sonnesso – T.Von Glehn

Playground Time

Medium 6+ survivors 60 minutes
Material needed: 2nd Edition.
These kids are playing the most dangerous game there is: hide-and-seek with zombies. If they get found, they get devoured. This will not last, we better hurry and rescue them! … But we need to find them first.
R.Sonnesso – T.Von Glehn – H.Garrigos

Delivery Warranty

Hard 6+ survivors 90 minutes
Material needed: Undead or Alive.
In this special Christmas scenario an earthshattering explosion buried all the Christmas presents. Well, no child is going to wake up on Christmas morning without their gift. Let’s hurry!

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