Rulebook update

Time to evolve. Zombicide: 2nd Edition’s rulebook has been updated.

Tiles set

Modularity and replayability count among Zombicide’s best assets. Build your own zombie town with the tile set!

Zombie Soldiers set

What’s worse than zombies? Zombies with guns! Zombie Soldiers have joined the Zombie gallery!

Modern Zombicide Promo Zombies gallery

Who’s your favorite monster? Kickstarter exclusive Abominations for Zombicide: 2nd Edition are now available in the Zombie Gallery!

Modern Zombicide Promo Survivors gallery

Kickstarter exclusive Survivors for Zombicide: 2nd Edition are available in the Survivors Gallery. Check out their concepts, ID Cards, and sculpts!

Urban Legends

Some legends are too good to be false. Enter the Urban Legend Abominations in the Zombie gallery!

Classic Zombicide Survivors gallery updated

Survivors from the original Zombicide now have ID Cards for the 2nd Edition! Check their respective pages in the survivors galleries to discover them.

Modern Zombicide Survivors gallery updated

Survivors for the story-driven expansions Fort Hendrix and Washington, Z.C. are available in the "modern" gallery!

Special Guest Box Paolo Parente

Paolo Parente created his own Undead Or Alive posse with 9 promo survivors. Meet them in the survivors’ gallery!

Long Dead Walkers

The zombie infection raised the dead, and dry corpses are immune to bullets! Long Dead Walkers concepts and rules are available to download.