• Friends and Foes

    Survivors, unite!

Friends and Foes

Expansion – Zombicide Fantasy (Black Plague / Green Horde)

For decades, Orcs and men used to cross the border to fight each other for food, vengeance, or just for fun. Over time, bot groups got used to it; anyone born in this rainy region grew to be a natural-born fighter. Then the zombie plague came across the land, sweeping aside armies, townsfolk, and the border itself.
We, the survivors, are looking for answers to the necromancer threat. Would you come with us deep in the Orcish territories, facing the horrendous tainted zombies in a savage land? Are you up the challenge of an unprecedented…zombicide?

Friends And Foes is an expansion for the Zombicide Fantasy board game range (Black Plague / Green Horde).

Meet new friends and learn new tricks as you hunt Zombies with 4 new Survivors and 19 Equipment cards, including 6 magic familiars! Test your firepower against the Tainted Walkers, led by a Tainted Abomination, throughout 10 new Quests in wild territories. You can even use the 5 new tiles to create your own epic adventures!

A Zombicide: Black Plague or Zombicide: Green Horde core game is needed to enjoy this expansion.

Friends And Foes comes with 4 new Survivors to enhance your Zombicide Fantasy games.

Each of them possess their own set of Skills, including new ones. Look for funny combinations to create with other players and expand your gaming experience!

The wild lands beyond the frontier are now home to the dreadful Tainted Orc Zombies. These monsters are Orcs in every aspect, including dealing extra Wounds and having Horde rules (see Zombicide: Green Horde).

Their main ability, however, is being Tainted: they deal automatic Wounds to anyone killing them in the same Zone.
The best bet is killing them from afar, or being equipped with a trusty armor.

Survivors now have furry friends, coming with claws and fangs: animal familiars!

The box contains 2 copies of each the 3 types (dog, flying cat and wolf), allowing a full team of 6 Survivors to start the game with a Companion. Adopt your new best friend!

Each type has its own abilities, from raw fighting abilities to sharing a bird’s-eye view of the area. The perfect perk to shoot beyond obstacles!

Friends And Foes features new Equipment cards to enhance your games and complete your arsenal.

These will prove invaluable when fighting the new Tainted Zombies, and may prove useful as well against the toughest Zombies you will cross.

Note you may also shuffle Familiar cards into the Equipment deck, and find new animal friends during your Quests!

The box also contains 5 new, double-sided game tiles, along with 10 new Quests staging a raid deep in Orc territory, looking for necromancer secrets.

These tiles share the Hedge and Waterhole rules found in Zombicide: Green Horde, with new zone configurations to play with.

Explore the wild Orc lands!

Game contents

  • 29 miniatures
  • 5 double-sided game tiles
  • 4 survivor ID cards
  • 33 mini-cards
  • 1 rulebook

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