• Angry Neighbors

    Welcome to the (angry) neighborhood!

Angry Neighbors

Expansion – Zombicide Season 3

The zombie apocalypse has not improved the neighborhood. Before, you occasionally saw a drunkard howling insanities in the street. Now, each time you go for a walk, you are sure to cross hordes of grumpy, infected, maniacal neighbors. Oh, and they’re looking to eat your brain. On the plus side, you can greet them with a crossbow or a flaming nailbat. Isn’t life great?

Angry Neighbors is an expansion for the Zombicide board game. Go for a hell of a tour in the neighborhood with four brand new survivors, their Zombivor counterparts, and eight companion sidekicks! Featuring 15 missions (5 for each core game) for hours of fun, this expansion uses three new game tiles filled with holes in the floors and intriguing new places to explore. Arm your team with new Equipment cards (Crossbow! Winchester! Zomb’ Knuckles!) to chase the fast and unpredictable zombie Seekers. Enjoy the (angry) neighborhood!

A Zombicide core game box is needed to enjoy this expansion.

1-6 13+ 1h

Team up. Gear up. Level up.

Take’em down!

Game contents

  • 34 minis (32mm scale): 4 Survivors, 4 Zombivors, 8 Companions, 18 Seekers
  • 4 double-sided Survivor Identity Cards
  • 63 mini cards: 12 Seeker Zombie cards, 27 Equipment cards, 8 Companions cards, 16 Wounded cards
  • 3 reversible and modular game tiles
  • 26 tokens
4 Survivors

Four new survivors join the zombicide! Adam, Jeff, Julien, and Tiff add a greater selection and new Skill sets to your survivor roster. They also complete each other very well, forming a mini-team on their own. Finally, should bad things happen, they can rise again as Zombivors and finish the dirty job as half-zombie juggernauts.

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8 Companions

Handymen, gunmen, snipers, or searchers; expand your team with companions! While not as potent as your own survivors, companions make a valuable addition to any team by providing more firepower and special abilities. Create your own gang, no matter which Zombicide Season you use!

18 Zombies

Hiding among the regular zombie flock, the Seeker zombies introduced in Angry Neighbors share some kind of hive mind. They get frenetic as they gather to close on their target, surpassing even the dreaded Runners if they go unchecked. Each time new Seekers appear, all Seekers on the board get an extra activation. Kill them quickly, before they call upon reinforcements!

63 cards

In a universe of infinite ammo and zombies, one can never get enough weapons. Angry Neighbors come with welcome additions to any Zombicide armory, especially with the most desirable equipment like crossbows, Winchester rifles, and Sub MGs. When the situation gets dire, draw the fantastic Ultrared weapons, and go beyond the red danger level! Holy Pain!

3 tiles

Angry Neighbors’ tiles feature damaged buildings, ridden with holes to set traps for zombies and create hellholes. These tiles can also replace similar tiles in previous missions to change scenarios, define new strategies, and expand your games!

26 tokens

Learning to survive to the zombie apocalypse requires adaptation and new strategies. Angry Neighbors features barricade tokens and rules to change your board in a pinch, blocking or redirecting the zombie hoard exactly where you want it (usually, into a large hole). Companion tokens are used to rescue and enlist new companion friends!