CMON Play Black Plague: Nightmares

The survivors have caught the attention of a vicious necromancer nicknamed Dreamcatcher. This name has nothing to do with the sweet little charm used to catch children’s bad dreams. It refers to the nasty way he wages war on the living: by turning their dreams into hellish nightmares. Once a victim has been killed again and again in the endless maze of illusions, his mind shatters easily with any zombie passing by. Being restless turns anyone into easy prey.

However, Dreamcatcher has never fought survivors. Until now, his victims did half the work for him by giving way to despair and fear. Survivors are made of a tougher stuff: a night full of zombies seems like any other day to them, and the mind of a mischievous necromancer is just another battleground. They are survivors, even when they sleep.

Nightmares is a three-Missions campaign designed to let you play Zombicide: Black Plague all night long.

A Zombicide: Black Plague Core Game box is needed to enjoy it.

More info on Bruce promo Survivor.

More info on this game night kit at CMON website.

Box contents

  • 1 Welcome Letter
  • 1 Game Night Poster
  • 1 CMON Play Retailer Sticker
  • 2 Rules Leaflets
  • 14 Bruce Miniatures
  • 14 Bruce Dashboards
  • 26 Custom Iron-Colored Dice
  • 14 Base Counter Packs (containing 1 each of Purple, Grey, Red, Brown, Beige, and Green Base Counters)

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