Gaming Night Kit #1: Cars, Food Or Guns

An argument started among survivors. What is the most important thing in survival? Doug and Phil favor guns, as they blow away any obstacle. Josh and Wanda prefer cars, as they drive you to safety and carry anything you might find. Amy and Ned speak about food because it’s a basic human need. Would you help us settling this?

Cars, food or guns? Each Mission brings its own answer to this question, and a nice reward too! Choose your priorities and play them all in the order of your choosing. In the end, you might have a definitive guess on the subject.

A Zombicide: Season 1 Core Game box is needed to enjoy this pack.

More info on Kyoko promo Survivor.

Box contents

  • 6 standard Kyoko
  • 6 Zombivor Kyoko
  • 6 Kyoko ID cards
  • 6 experience trackers
  • 6 dice
  • 1 campaign book

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