Grand Inquisitor Innsmouth

“By the time I am done with you, you will not only confess your sins against magic, you will be confessing to atrocities your feeble mind can barely comprehend.”

Warped by his devotion to the False God Daeus, and bound by his unbreakable loyalty to the False Prophet, The Grand Inquisitor is a terrifying enemy to any who would dare practice true magic within the city walls of Gateway. His inhuman tactics for extracting confessions out of wizards is the stuff of nightmares – even the dead are not beyond the reach of his torturous methods! Instead of the requisite truth-smoke, it is rumored that his censers emit a serum meant to break his victims’ will and confess non-existent crimes. Like many servants of Daeus, The Grand Inquisitor is partially undead and requires a constant drip of magical cocktail to keep his body functioning.

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