Special Guest Box: Adrian Smith 2

Adrian Smith (born in 1969 in England) is a freelance illustrator/concept designer living in Scotland. Best known for his work with Games Workshop and numerous similar companies, Adrian has also done concept design work for video game companies such as THQ, EA, RIOT, Gameloft, and others.

Recently, Adrian has been self-publishing, the first projects being his art book Illuminations, and a series of graphic novels called Chronicles of HATE, which got adapted into a CMON board game.

Box contents


The Lord Of Skulls is a Necromancer. It spawns along Doom and Gloom, if they are in the Zombie reserve.

Doom and Gloom are Abominations with these rules:

  • 1 Action per Activation, 2 zones per Move, Damage 1, 5 XP when killed.
  • Consider the Lord Of Skulls’ Zone as the noisiest on the board.

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