• Zombicide: Running Wild

    Legends of the Lone Riders

Zombicide: Running Wild

Expansion – Zombicide: Undead Or Alive

We live in the world of tomorrow. This is the Age of Steam! Steam carries us to these promising lands, protects us against all perils, and heralds a new dawn for civilization. And yet… Rumors talk about frontier towns being erased from the map, of people going mad and hurling themselves into murderous rages. Is it some kind of exotic illness? Who knows, and honestly, who cares? You cannot stop progress. Full steam ahead, in the name of science!

Gears & Guns features an alternate setting for Zombicide: Undead or Alive, in a world powered by steam! The new survivors and the equipment they have feature new Full Steam rules, unleashing tremendous power against zombies at the risk of getting depleted. Discover the new Engineer Survivor Class, and get your hands on cutting-edge Inventions, giving your Survivors the advantage against the undead!

The box also contains new tiles with dangerous Steam Machines, and new campaign rules to earn new Skills and keep your precious equipment from a game to the next. Explore the retro-futuristic city of Bolton’s Reach along the 10-Mission campaign, and be careful of this new era’s Abomination: the Steam Monster!

A Zombicide: Undead or Alive core box is needed to enjoy this expansion.

1-6 14+ 1h

Each Survivor from Running Wild comes in two versions:

On horse, they gain extra benefits in the form of Skills, but cannot perform human-sized actions, like entering a building, operating a Gatling gun, or get on Balconies.

On foot, they play in the same way as regular Survivors. Their mount is left behind in the form of a Lone Horse token, being an easy and soft target for Zombies. If a horse is eliminated, the game is lost!

The box comes with large color bases to fit the rider miniatures.

Horses were the zombies’ starter dishes. Unfortunately, one of these noble companions suffered a fate worse than death, and came back as an Abomination.

Even now, its smell is enough to drive Zombies nuts, allowing all Zombies dealing 1 Wound to Survivors (Walkers and Runners, for example), to deal 2 Wounds instead!

Game contents

  • 13 Miniatures (6 Survivors, 6 Rider Survivors, 1 Nightmare Abomination)
  • 6 Survivor ID Cards
  • 6 Large Color Bases
  • 6 Lone Horse Tokens
  • 1 Abomination Card
  • 1 Rules Leaflet

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