• Zombicide: Undead or Alive

    Be quick or be (un)dead

Zombicide: Undead or Alive

Standalone game

The zombies came from nowhere and destroyed the world we used to know. A few brave people united and took up arms against the infected horde. These survivors roam the country, looking for supplies, payback, and fun at the zombies’ expanse.
You are survivors. The past is gone. Choose your fate! Now is the time for challenge, danger, freedom, and friendship. Now is the time for… Zombicide!

Play as a team with your friends as survivors of a zombie invasion in the Old West, with an action twist! Zombies are played by the game itself, using simple rules and a deck of cards. Find weapons, kill zombies, and build up your survivors’ adrenaline to unlock their true potential. The more zombies you kill, the more of them are coming!

Undead Or Alive plays with rules from Zombicide, with dedicated features including Survivor class abilities (Brawler, Faithful, Gunslinger or Townsfolk), new Zombie spawn rules, a Gatling Gun, and even a train, among others! Pick from the 14 Survivors to build your posse and bring justice to your frontier town through 10 missions made using the modular map tiles.

1-6 14+ 1h

Zombicide: Undead Or Alive is the first game of the Zombicide Western setting. In this standalone game, players are survivors from a sudden zombie invasion of unknown origin. Carried by infected travelers aboard trains, the plague stormed the Wild West by surprise. Proving to be irresistible for zombies, horses were the first to fall. Frontier towns are now isolated, survivors have to fight and survive on their own!

Zombicide: Undead Or Alive retains the core Zombicide mechanics and introduces new ones:

  • Environment features: firing from balconies, mobile train tiles, etc.
  • Themed equipment: fanning with pistols, earning bounty weapons, etc.
  • Dynamic zombie spawn: Mobile Zombie Spawns, Corpse Piles, etc.
  • Noise gameplay: just a single double-sided token with “Bang!” (low noise) or “Boom!” (loud noise)
  • And much, much more!

In Undead Or Alive, each Survivor belongs to a class, with reserved class abilities. Will you gather a versatile posse, having a representative of each class, or will you come to town with a specialist team?

Whatever your choice, each Survivor also possess their own set of Skills, allowing you to fight Zombies in many ways. Each Survivor has their personality and distinct feel!

Brawlers are hand-to-hand specialists who use melee weapons to bring down zombies. Being tough as nails, they can also endure more wounds than other survivors.

Class abilities:

  • Charge
  • Start with Health 3 (instead of 2)

Faithfuls use their faith and conviction to paralyze zombies and destroy zombie nests.

Class abilities:

  • Vade Retro
  • Can turn Water in Holy Water (used to move or remove Zombie Spawn tokens)

Fanning with pistols, Gunslingers are able to unload a heap of lead in a split second. This spectacular ability can devastate large bands of zombies gathered at short range.

Class ability: Fanning

Townsfolk are used to fighting in urban areas and know where to search and find everything they need for killing zombies.

Class abilities:

  • Home Defender (Townsfolk have a bonus when fighting in buildings)
  • Can Search more than once per Turn

Each survivor in Undead Or Alive receives a quality plastic dashboard, with a wooden imitation, to keep them organized. A built-in sliding arrow representing a fuse tracks adrenaline gains, and dynamite-shaped trackers mark wounds and indicate new skills.

Finally, multiple slots hold all your cards, making the inventory system intuitive and structured.

Each Equipment card must be set in the dedicated dashboard slot to be used. Weapons are equipped in both Hand slots. The Favorite Weapon slot may only receive a weapon of the indicated type. The rest is set in the Back pack for later use.

Thanks to the Class abilities and Skills, Survivors may prove more efficient with a specific weapon category (melee or ranged) but in the end, anyone can use any weapon.

Undead Or Alive features 4 types of Zombies. No one knows for sure where they come from: some say it’s a divine punishment, other say it’s a curse from ancient spirits, or even a plague the pioneers came back with. Each zombie type has its specialties, implied by its nickname.

Walkers are neither quick nor tough, but they are legion. Use weapons with a high rate of fire against them.

Brutes are hard to kill, and always on the front line. Use weapon with high power against them. Other zombies hide behind them!

Runners are the quick and the dead, rolled into one. They move twice as fast as other zombies, and hide among the horde to avoid bullets.

Abominations are the toughest, ugliest monsters your posse will come across. They are impervious to all weapons but dynamite. Moreover, their mere presence stirs the dead from their grave! As soon as an Abominations enters the board, special spawn zones called Abomination Spawn Zones become active. More zombies invade the board (is that really a bad thing?).

Zombicide: Undead Or Alive comes with 88 detailed miniatures. Survivors have detachable colored plastic bases to help identify them, matching the colors of their pegs on your Survivor dashboard.

Undead Or Alive is a game for 1-6 players, and comes with 14 Survivor miniatures: unused Survivors are featured as companions in most missions, and can be recruited along the game to enlarge your posse.

Undead Or Alive’s tiles may be arranged in a nearly infinite numbers of ways to create any setup, from the smallest outpost to a full-fledged frontier town. Be careful, though: corpse piles are located in each building, spawning zombies as soon as you come nearby. Once inside, your survivors may also access balconies to get a better view of the surrounding, and better shooting opportunities!

Double-sided train tiles represent both railroad and a full train, with the locomotive and cars. Special rules allow flipping these tiles to simulate a train entering or exiting the board, smashing zombies on its way and/or coming with more!

Game contents

  • 88 miniatures (14 survivors, 40 Walkers, 16 Brutes, 16 Runners, 1 Abomination, 1 Gatling Gun)
  • 6 Survivors Colored Bases
  • 6 Survivors Dashboards
  • 14 Survivors ID Cards
  • 120 Mini-Cards
  • 82 Equipment Cards
  • 37 Zombie Cards
  • 1 Abomination Card
  • 12 Double-sided Game Tiles
  • 6 Dice
  • 48 Trackers
  • 29 Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook