• Zombicide: Black Ops

    Paint me black!

Zombicide: Black Ops

Expansion – Zombicide Sci-Fi

We are the Black Squad. The best color for covert ops and for letting people know that they’d better forget us. We were on a wet job when emergency calls came in from the planet PK-L7, the main platform for extracting the precious Xenium fuel.

The aliens there have turned bloodthirsty, infected by something, and have overrun the base. The stakes are too high for us to sit idle. The high command ordered us to protect the Xenium. We decided to protect the people. Perhaps some compromise can be made. Or we do both. Yeah, that sounds like a challenge worthy of the Black Squad.

Ready your weapons, buddy.
We’re going to war!

Black Ops is an expansion for the Zombicide: Invader board game. It is compatible with the whole Zombicide sci-fi range.

The Xenos are now deeply entrenched on the planet PK-L7, threatening to turn everything into an infected hive. Join the Black Squad to accomplish 10 Missions behind enemy lines! You will need new weapons and machines to face the new Juggernaut Abomination that guards the dangerous Xenium pods on three new game tiles, representing an infested base. Are you strong enough to wear black?

A Zombicide: Invader core box is required to enjoy this expansion.

Black Ops comes with 6 new Survivors from the Black Squad, who have their own Starting Equipment in the form of a Blackbird SMG and a Shock Glove. You can play them as a squad or mixed in any way you want with other Survivors from the sci-fi range.

The Black Squad is called in for black ops, and they bring big guns for the wet work.

This expansion features new Equipment cards to enhance your games and fight any type of Xenos you may find. The Pyre Minigun, for example, combines an escalating minigun with a flamethrower. But there are only two of them in the Equipment deck!

Found in the most dangerous Xenos nests, the Juggernaut Abomination strikes with the might of a titan and is immune to Damage, except from sources eliminating all Actors in the area.

While your Survivors may temporarily display such firepower, they cannot always face a Juggernaut head-on and must plan carefully before attacking such a monster. Luckily, the Xenos hive itself may hold the solution to this brutal issue!

Zombicide: Black Ops comes with 9 incredibly detailed miniatures.

Survivors have detachable colored plastic bases to help identify them, matching the color of the pegs on your Survivor dashboard.

The Black Squad brought some toys, too. This expansion features a brand new Bot, the XN35 Crawley, that trades melee weapons for increased ranged firepower. Use its powerful twin cannons to sweep entire rooms clear of armored threats, like Tanks.

The Black Squad also possesses a Meteor Sentry Gun, which fires in a straight line at range 1-3 (even through interior walls) and eliminates a single target in each Zone. No roll needed; the Gauss ammo just vaporizes the target. Overpowered, you say? Wait until you meet your new Xenos friend, the Juggernaut Abomination.

Both of these can replace the ones you already own in Zombicide: Invader and other expansions. Choose your favorite Machine to go against the Xenos!

Black Ops also contains 3 new, double-sided game tiles, along with 10 new Missions behind Xenos lines. The Black Squad are the only Survivors with a working spaceship: they will use it to save as many people as possible and uncover the infected Xenos’ secrets.

The first among them are Pod Zones. These special Mold Zones, designed with pods full of volatile Xenium, may explode if specifically targeted with Ranged Weapons. All Actors in an exploding Pod Zone are vaporized. Yes, that includes Juggernaut Abominations! Use them to lay lethal traps…but aim carefully, because you may not get a second chance.

On top of this, Black Ops also comes with blue and white tokens to bring more options to your custom Missions. The extra plastic Dashboards allow you to play with 7 Survivors or more, in any way you want.

Now is the perfect time to create your own version of PK-L7, placing tiles, weapons, and Actors as you see fit. Create your own invasion and choose the heroes to fight it!

Game contents

  • 9 miniatures
  • 3 double-sided gaming tiles
  • 6 Survivor Dashboards and ID Cards
  • 33 mini-cards
  • 1 rulebook

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