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Zombicide Invader

Standalone game

We are at the dawn of a new space age. Xenium, a special fuel with outstanding properties, was discovered on a distant planet called PK-L7 and a mining outpost established. As the base grew larger, and the miners drilled deeper, something happened. The Xenos, an alien species we believed to be peaceful, suddenly went mad and turned against us. They are infected, like zombies.

Few of us remain after the onslaught, and we don’t expect any help. We are survivors, we will have revenge, and we will prevail! Now is the time for… Zombicide!

Zombicide: Invader is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players. Team-up with your friends, to play as survivors of a space colony fighting the infected Xeno horde!

Find weapons, eliminate Xenos, and upgrade your survivors’ skills with experience. The more Xenos you kill, the more of them are coming!

Play 10 missions on 10 different maps made with the included modular map tiles, or create your own. Find weapons. Kill Xenos. The more Xenos you kill, the more skilled you get, and the more Xenos appear!

1-6 14+ 1h

Zombicide: Invader is the first game of the Zombicide Sci-Fi setting. In this standalone game, players are survivors of a human colony on PK-L7, a distant and hostile planet. The gold rush for Xenium, a new fuel for space travel, turned into a nightmare as the Xenos, an alien species, turned into feral monsters. The battle rages in and out the space station, in tight corridors and on the planet’s surface. Xenos corrupt everything they touch with a disgusting substance called “mold”, slowly turning the station into a hive. There is no escape route and no rescue, all space ships have left this forsaken planet: you have to fight and survive on your own.

Zombicide: Invader retains the core Zombicide mechanics and introduces new ones, with survivor types (civilian and soldiers), environment features, futuristic weapons, and robots. You read that right: your team may control a Bot and a Sentry Gun against the Xeno hordes.

Will you fight Xenos as an ironclad soldier or as a resourceful civilian (another word for “adorable scoundrel”)? You choose!

Invader’s Survivors may either be Civilians, who can find equipment nearly anywhere but have less protection; or Soldiers, who wear sturdy armor, but look for weapons only in Security Rooms.

Whatever your choice, each Survivor possess their own set of Skills, allowing you to fight Xenos in many ways. Each Survivor has their personality and distinct feel!

Each survivor in Invader receives a quality plastic dashboard to keep them organized. A built-in sliding arrow tracks experience gains, and plastic pegs mark wounds and indicate new Skills.

Finally, multiple slots hold all your cards, making the inventory system intuitive and structured.

Each Equipment card must be set in the dedicated dashboard slot to be used. Weapons are equipped in both Hand slots. Two Body slots may receive extra armor or specialist items, like Oxygen Tanks or Searchlights. The rest is set in the Backpack for later use. Thanks to their Skills, Survivors may prove more efficient with a specific weapon category (melee, ranged, or even using robots), but in the end, anyone can use any weapon.

In Zombicide: Invader, Survivors may use Concentrated Attacks to kill the most powerful foes. As they focus all their might toward a single target, they increase their chances to overcome its defenses and eliminate it. Concentrated Attacks are particularly useful against armored Xenos, like Tanks or even the Spoiler Abomination!

The Xenos were only there for Xenium and didn’t care about humans, until something struck them and turned these alien into killing machines. Each of them has their own lethal specialties, implied by their nicknames.

Workers are the rank-and-file Xenos but come in large numbers.

Tanks deal powerful blows and endure a lot before going down.

Hunters are fast and a little smarter than their brethren. They seek and destroy.

Spoiler Abominations are Xenos war machines. They shrug off all but the most powerful blows and can insta-kill anyone crossing their path. The worst threat, however, does not come from their sheer power but from their ability to spread the alien substance called Mold anywhere they go.

Mold covers and spoils anything it touches. Mold-covered Zones can no longer be Searched for Equipment and lose any special properties they may have. Worse, Mold can even spawn more Xenos! The only way to get rid of it is using a Flamethrower. And then, it is just burnt and inactive, the Zone it spoiled and cannot be recovered!

The game is lost whenever two Spawn Zones are linked by an uninterrupted chain of active Mold. It means the Xenos have conquered the area, and the Survivors must evacuate.

So, whenever you see a Spoiler Abomination, check your inventories for Flamethrowers or use Concentrated Fire!

Zombicide: Invader comes with 72 incredibly detailed miniatures.

Survivors have detachable colored plastic bases to help identify them, matching the color of the pegs on your Survivor dashboard.

Zombicide: Invader features Machines, new support weapons for Survivor teams.

Bots are mobile war machines remote controlled by their owner. They can accompany the team, bringing sizeable fire-support, or go off on their own to investigate dangerous areas without the risk of losing a Survivor. Invader comes with a Peacekeeper Bot, equipped with a powerful melee weapon and a fast-firing ranged weapon.

Sentry Guns are fixed turrets with ranged firepower. They are great at securing chokepoints and laying ambushes for rampaging Xenos. Invader features the Falchion Sentry Gun, a fixed machine gun with a solid rate of fire and a long range.

Zombicide’s sci-fi range features several models for Bots and Sentry Guns. They have different game characteristics and can be swapped in any way you want to fit your play style.

Invader’s tiles may be arranged in a nearly infinite numbers of ways to create any amount of planetary bases to conquer and defend against Xenos. As the interior is fully opened, you will have to check all possible routes between the Xenos and your team to avoid nasty ambushes and unexpected events.

Also, keep an eye on exterior Zones; while the Xenos may walk effortlessly on PK-L7’s surface, your Survivors need Oxygen Tanks to do so. These can only be found in Oxygen Rooms. Don’t let them get molded!

Invader’s environment offers many surprises of its own, adding a whole other dimension to your most dangerous Missions.

Game contents

  • 72 miniatures
  • 6 survivor plastic dashboards, color bases, and ID cards
  • 9 double-sided game tiles
  • 125 mini-cards
  • 48 plastic trackers
  • 65 tokens
  • 6 dice
  • 1 rulebook

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