Angry Zombies

They go for the throat! Berserker zombies won’t go down to anything as petty as a bullet. You’ve got to take out their heads, preferably with something heavy. This box contains additional berserker zombies for the Zombicide board game: Berserker Fatties, Berserker Runners, and Berserker Walkers to fill your streets and prison corridors with brutality. Call them to inspire fear in the hearts of your hardened Survivors and give a brand new meaning to close combat!

This box also contains two exclusives Berserker Walkers and one exclusive Berserker Fatty to complete your zombie collection.

Download Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak rulebook to find berserker zombies rules.

Box contents

  • 12 Berserker Walkers
  • 6 Berserker Runners
  • 3 Berserker Fatties
  • 2 exclusive Berserker Walkers
  • 1 exclusive Berserker Fatty
  • 6 Zombie cards

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