Ultimate Survivors #1

The world evolved, and so did we. We learned in a couple months what a soldier might need years to learn. The lives we had, the people we were, are all gone, and we have accepted that. We are survivors, and we are here to bring the future.

Sometimes, you don’t want your favorite Survivor’s story to end. You want to see him live through countless adventures and evolve in the Zombicide world! The Experience mode allows you to write your own epic story using Experience cards that enhance your Survivors and stay with them from one Zombicide Mission to the next! Will your survivors emerge from the zombie apocalypse as true heroes? The answer is yours!

Download the Ultimate Survivors #1 rules.

Box contents

  • 6 Survivor miniatures
  • 110 Experience cards
  • 6 experience trackers
  • 1 Experience mode rules flyer

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