Gaming Night Kit #2: Black Friday

If somebody had said a year ago that we’d be fighting zombies just to scavenge canned beans, everybody would have laughed. Now the world is turned upside down, and urban legends abound. That’s how we first heard about the Jefferson Mall, a place described as “cursed” and “haunted”. Naturally we decided to look into it.

Black Friday is about danger and power. Your Survivors will get interesting weapons and busloads of experience quite early in each Mission, putting them against tides of Zombies as they struggle to complete the objectives. Expect to use the Ultrared Mode (see Toxic City Mall) every time, slaughter Zombies with the best weapons around, and above all, reach unprecedented body counts. If you love having Red Level Survivors and fighting on the edge, then Black Friday is for you.

A Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak box and Toxic City Mall box are needed to enjoy this pack.

More info on Thiago promo Survivor.

Box contents

  • 6 standard Thiago
  • 6 Zombivor Thiago
  • 6 Thiago ID cards
  • 6 experience trackers
  • 6 dice
  • 1 campaign book

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