• Rue Morgue

    Survive. Adapt. Conquer!

Rue Morgue

Standalone game – Zombicide Season 3

REVENGE! Blinded by its own desires and disregard, humankind has DOOMED itself. Now, ZOMBIES roam the ruins of our world. A couple of months have passed since the initial outbreak. You’re a team leader of the RESISTANCE. Humanity and zombies are locked in a war of EXTINCTION. It is time to engage in… ZOMBICIDE!

Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue is a collaborative game for 1 to 12 players, ages 13 and up. Designed as a standalone game, it is fully compatible with all other Zombicide products, like Season 2: Prison Outbreak or the Angry Neighbors expansion.

Take the lead of a survivor team and harness its members’ unique skills to achieve victory against the hordes of zombies! The infected creatures are controlled by simple rules and a deck of cards. Play 14 missions on 14 different maps made from the included modular map tiles, or create your own. Find weapons. Kill zombies. The more zombies you kill, the more skilled you get, and the more zombies appear.

Choose your team members among twelve survivors and lead them with Team Actions. Launch an assault against zombie nests in towns, haunted camps, and even hospitals. Face the new skinner zombies, deadly opponents able to keep on fighting as crawlers when cut in half!

Supplies are scarce enough to pit team against team in the brutal Competitive mode, but weapons like bows, chainsaws, Molotov cocktails, shotguns, and urban maces can be found anywhere. The only way out is Zombicide!

1-6 13+ 1h

Team up. Gear up. Level up.

Take’em down!

Game contents

  • 92 minis (32mm scale): 12 Survivors, 40 Skinner Walkers, 8 Skinner Fatties, 16 Skinner Runners, 15 Crawlers, 1 A-Bomb Abomination
  • 12 double-sided Survivor Identity Cards
  • 155 mini-cards (42 Zombie cards, 62 Equipment cards, 6 Wounded cards)
  • 9 reversible and modular game tiles
  • 92 tokens
  • 8 dice
  • 12 experience trackers
  • 11 Tent cards
  • 9 Team Action cards
12 Survivors

Rue Morgue can support from one to 12 players either gathered in a single team or competing as several rival teams. These are hard times! Twelve finely sculpted miniatures offer a good selection for players and countless combination for hours of fun. Select your favorite survivors, and assemble your perfect team!

80 Zombies

Time has passed since the initial outbreak. The survivors have evolved, but so have the zombies! The Skinner zombies have a feral appearance, and their perpetual hunger makes them hard to kill. Be sure to hit hard and double-tap. Otherwise, they’ll keep following you around as half-zombies called Crawlers.
Standing at the top of the zombie ladder is the A-Bomb Abomination, a tough nut you can only kill with Molotov Cocktails. And beware of its stretching arms, as they can grab your survivor and drag him in as the next meal on the zombie menu.

155 cards

Rue Morgue comes with its own arsenal, from AK-47 assault rifles to crowbars, and thematic weapons like chainsaws, double-barrels, and nailbats. The zombies have their own tricks, too! Use the spawn cards and see them flow from the streets, ambush your survivors in buildings, and yes, even rise from their deathbeds as you cruise through the dreaded hospital.

9 double-sided tiles

Zombicide: Season 3 takes place in a world changed by the zombie apocalypse, where elite survivors fight to prevail. Its game tiles feature damaged streets of various shapes, an abandoned camp, and the most dangerous place in a zombie universe: a hospital, complete with helipad. These tiles can be arranged to play the 12 missions provided in the rulebook or to create your own set of stories.

92 tokens

Rue Morgue features the classic Zombicide mechanics, using doors, objectives, and zombie spawn tokens of various colors to create story-driven missions for beginning players. But that’s not all! Additions expand the game in thematic ways: event triggers enable your team to link game actions and plot twists in a cinematic manner. Speaking of special effects, your team can also jump into a helicopter and fly around the town to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Let no zombie escape!

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