Blank cards (ID & Equipment)

Blank ID Cards and Equipment cards for Black Plague, Invader and Zombicide: 2nd Edition are now available to download (PDF format)!

Civilian pack & Soldier pack rules

Rules for promo survivors and Xenos from Zombicide: Invader’s Kickstarter are now available. New colorful friends, more terrible foes!

Operation Persephone

Operation Persephone is a promo crossover using Invader and Dark Side. Here are the 10-Missions campaign and the Mapeditor pack!

Zombicide Survivor’s Guide

Are you a new survivor, or do you want to demo Zombicide to future survivors? This guide is for you! It features many useful tips to enter the game, and two missions!

Printable Skill List

At last! Here is a printable Skill List for Zombicide. Keep this tool by your side and stay focused on the action!

Zombicide Painting Guide

Army Painter created a cool guide to painting Zombicide miniatures. Get the most immersive game! (And pay them a visit at

44 Magnum and Flamethrower cards

Equipment cards from Toxic City Mall.

Survivor ID card

1 blank ID cards to use with your custom survivors.

Blank cards (Classic)

10 blank cards to use on your custom games.