Jennie Neige – Belgium

“He doesn’t talk, dummy! He just shoots at what I tell him to.”

Authorities believe Jennie should really be in a proper institution or placed with a foster family, but she’s far too perceptive to believe any system that would separate her from Goliath is trustworthy. As for the hulking beast that is her constant companion and bodyguard, he was once a vat-grown servant for her wealthy family, but was liberated along with Jennie when the last Corporate Enclave was brought down not two years prior. She has since joined the Orphans, a new family that will accept her and her beast without splitting them apart.

Goliath – Orbital lab HK-47


Goliath is a Corporate-created vat-grown servant with built-in bodyguard protocols. He has guarded Jennie since she was a baby, and even though the Corporate Enclave they lived in has since been disbanded by the UN, he sees no reason to change that now. Indeed, what else would he do? He’s genetically coded and programmed to guard Jennie and only Jennie. In addition, vat-grown servants possess only minimal speech capabilities, as their Corporate designers wished to strictly limit the rights and protections granted to ‘biological assets’ which made up the vast majority of the Corporate work forces.


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