Orphans Gang

Ever since the St Stilton orphanage was burned down during a riot, there has been an Orphans Gang formed by the abandoned survivors of that incident. The gang roams the galaxy, staying out of the way of the authorities and carving out a living by scrounging, scamming, or whatever else works. The Orphans Gang is always ready to welcome new members, as it’s also used to losing members to tragedies such as prison, death, or becoming an adult. Perhaps in a remote mining outpost they can lay low quietly for a while?

This box contains 6 new Survivors for Zombicide: Invader and Zombicide: Dark Side. A highly mobile team of unique specialists, the Orphans possess a unique Gang rule allowing them to start with the Unstoppable Skill. No one can restrain them!


Orphan Gang members start with Unstoppable as an additional Skill at Blue Level, for free.

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