Kabuki Gang

The Kabuki Gang is an actual performance troupe that was touring PK-L7’s base when the Xenos attacked. The members of this troupe, most of them with rather shady pasts, didn’t hesitate to pick up arms and face the invaders. Assuming the identity of the characters they were playing in their performance of Yotsuya Kaidan (including traditional wardrobe and masks), these actors scrambled to find whatever they could to help them in their fight. The show, as they say, must go on!

This box contains 6 new Survivors for Zombicide: Invader and Zombicide: Dark Side. Forming a team with highly synergic Skills, they possess a unique Gang rule allowing them to get extra Equipment right before the game begins!


During Setup, every Kabuki Gang member gets a free Equipment card, drawn from the Equipment pile. Draw in Player Turn order.

Only Equipment is kept. Other cards (like Mold Spawn or Pit Spawn) are ignored, and shuffled back in the Equipment pile afterwards.

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