Zombicide App

Twisted Key studio members developed the Zombicide app and have someting to tell you!

“When Guillotine Games approached us at Twisted Key Entertainment with the request for a Zombicide companion app, we were quite excited, as we were already aware of the game (one of us had even backed its Kickstarter campaign at the Abomination level) and it looked like a fun project.

Zombicide app

We first sat out to discover how an app could benefit the Zombicide gaming experience. After a few matches with a prototype version of the game (and after many Survivors getting gruesomely killed) we quickly established the scope of the project. Unfortunately a smartphone app simply would not do. A small screen couldn’t adequately accommodate all the elements a player needs to control while preserving the great graphics this game offers. Having settled on a tablet-only app, we proceeded to add all the features we could think of through which the app could enhance and facilitate the gaming experience, without turning the board game into a video game.

Zombicide app

Most of the features were fairly obvious, simply creating a digital version of the Survivor ID Card: choose your Survivor, manage the cards in your inventory, manage the experience in your Danger Bar and the Skills you gain. But of course, we wanted the app to go beyond just that.

Zombicide app

One unique feature we came up with is the Action Bar: a simple series of buttons you can press to tick off each action your Survivor takes in his turn. We found that this really came in handy and sped up the decision-making process if your Survivor reached the Orange or Red levels acquiring two or three extra Move, Search or Attack Actions.

Also in the interest of facilitating gameplay we implemented an Attack screen that automatically processes your weapon’s attack information so you easily have handed to you all you need to know to roll your attacks. Or if you like things even simpler, a virtual dice roller will automatically provide the final hits tally. And if you want none of that, you can simply use these screens to provide you with some very satisfying sound effects for your attacks (there’s nothing like removing Zombies from the board under the reassuring sound of gun shots).

Zombicide app

Whenever possible, we made sure the Skills the Survivor gained were automatically incorporated into the app’s functionality, so you didn’t even have to think about it. Ambidextrous will Dual wield any weapon, extra Actions will be added to your Action Bar, Attack bonuses will be added to the dice roller, etc.

Zombicide app

Creating the app’s screens with Zombicide’s amazing graphic assets was a true pleasure. It was hard not to fill every screen with their great illustrations of rampaging zombies and flying gore!

In the end we were very proud of the little app we created, and were pleasantly surprised when Guillotine Games informed us that they would be making the app a free download! We hope you all enjoy the game with the aid of our app.”


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