Zombicide Companion App 2.0 release note

The Zombicide Companion version 2.0 is available in Apple’s App Store!

If you had the old version installed, all you have to do is update. Otherwise, you can find it here (iOS) and here (Android) for download.
We’re sorry for the delay, and hope this new version will further improve your Zombicide experience.

Here are a few highlights of what is new in 2.0:

  • App redesigned from scratch!
  • Zombivor, Ultrared mode – You can now play as Zombivors or in Ultrared mode!
  • Trade Screen – Easily transfer cards from one Survivor to another!
  • Content from Season 2, Toxic City Mall, Zombie Dogz and all Survivors now available as in-app purchases!
  • In-App Decks – Tired of shuffling? You can have the app organize your decks and draw cards for you!
  • Retina Graphics – All art has been replaced with hi-res graphics!
  • Requires iPad 2+, iPhone 5+ or iPod 5th+ generation!
  • iPhone support – You can now play with your iPhones/iPods too! (iPhone 5+ or iPod 5th+ generation required)
  • Network Play – You can now connect devices on the same local network and control Survivors on each of them!

For more information, head for our last insight about the Zombicide Companion App here!

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